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Get a 10-step plan to elevate your organization and leadership through cohort webinars and coaching, enhanced self-awareness, and an exclusive community.

Life-Changing Leadership Habits

Your top fear as an executive is failure, which can have significant repercussions for your career and the organization you lead. 

But, without a proven plan to elevate people, profit, and purpose, that’s exactly what will happen.

When you're guessing at how to lead...

You feel trapped "fire fighting" the urgent and important pressing issues.

You waste time and money on strategies that don't work.

You feel guilty about not being able to make a bigger positive impact.

And that means a lack of work-life balance, constantly worrying about success, and not feeling confident about the future. You shouldn’t have to waste your time trying a million things to get more out of work and life when there are already proven leadership principles that will work for you.

Life-Changing Leadership Habits Mastermind is the easy button for busy executive leaders and business owners who are serious about striving for better leadership habits.

Have questions? Schedule a call to sepak with a member of our team.

Life-Changing Leadership Habits Mastermind

In the Life-Changing Leadership Habits Mastermind, you'll...


Establish a proven plan that will elevate your leadership and empower organizational excellence 

Over six months, we'll leverage behavioral data and the latest strategic leadership research to enhance your self-awareness and empower you with 10 proven leadership principles and better leadership habits. 


Start seeing results right away


Each step in the program is designed to maximize your life-changing leadership habits, and after you finish, you’ll have a comprehensive plan, saving you time and benefiting from new insights.


Learn from a community of growth-minded leaders

Through the exclusive invitation-only mastermind community, you’ll join a cohort of peers you can connect with, learn from, and partner with to share best practices over the course of 6 months.

Have questions? Schedule a call to sepak with a member of our team.

What you get in
Life-Changing Leadership Habits

18+ hours of Leadership Development & Group Coaching to Completely Overhaul Leadership Habits.

Membership gives you access to 12 highly interactive and bite-sized virtual leadership development and group coaching sessions that are 90 minutes in length. The training and coaching sessions include deep-dive learning content, issue management interactive discussion, and actionable steps on 10 proven principles, 28 virtues of life-changing leadership, and habit formation. The timeline and topics include: 

Session 1: Launch & The Fundamentals Session 2: Loving Followers +Servant Leadership +Humility +Reinforcing performance Session 3: Focussing on Strengths +Reward and Recognition +Strengths thinking Session 4: Embracing Data-Driven Decisions +Data-driven Oriented +Analytical organization Session 5: Maximizing Purpose Self-awareness +Leadership Purpose +Effective delegation Session 6: Living in balance +Managing job expectations +Self care +Enhancing community +Work-life boundary management Session 7: Excelling in Management +Active listening +Creating influence +Empowering others +Partnering Session 8: Managing difficult conversations +Being vulnerable +Managing conflict +Focsuing on what matters most Session 9: Being trustworthy +Being credible +Being reliable +Being transparent Session 10: Embracing failure +Learning mindset +Supporting failure Session 11: Thinking strategically +Being farsighted +Inclusive strategic thinking Session 12: Overcoming common challenges & Closing

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Executive Coaching with

Dr. Jeff Doolittle

Executive coaching is a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires you to maximize your personal and professional potential.  As a Life-Changing Leadership Habits Mastermind member, you’ll get two one-to-one 60-minute sessions with Dr. Jeff Doolittle, debriefing your program assessment reports and creating a robust development plan. 

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Access to the Members-Only Mastermind Community

Are you eager to connect with other leaders on their journey to Life-Changing Leadership Habits? With the members-only Mastermind Community, you’ll get 24/7 access to our private forum, where you can connect with other leaders you can relate to and get insights from your cohort peers and Dr. Jeff Doolittle. You’ll finish Life-Changing Leadership Mastermind with total clarity about where you're starting, where you're going, and how you’re going to get there.

Online Purchase

360 Executive Leadership Survey

We all see the world from our point of view. However, leading with a limited point of view creates potential blind spots and distortions that can seriously jeopardize goals and derail careers. At the start of the program, you will complete the Life-Changing Leadership Habits 360 Executive Survey and receive a one-to-one debrief on your assessment results. 


1% Better Act Fast Resources

Often, the biggest barrier to creating Life-Changing Leadership Habits is NOT needing to create more desire for better habits. The answer can be found in greater awareness of proven principles and practical tools that busy leaders can successfully apply. Becoming 1% better every day means focusing on small steps you can take today to get one step closer to where you want to be tomorrow. As a Life-Changing Leadership Habits Mastermind member, you’ll get access to resources designed to help you get 1% better every day. 

Holding Notes

Plus, a Bonus gift...

An autographed copy of...

Life-Changing Leadership Habits

($27.00 value)

Dr. Jeff Doolittle's award-winning book, Life-Changing Leadership Habits: 10 Proven Principles That Will Elevate People, Profit, and Purpose, offers a proven approach to achieving success and significance in life and work. It’s an everyday guide on how to lead in ways that life-changing habits emerge and bad habits disappear.

How it Works

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Apply to join a 
Life-Changing Leadership Habits Mastermind cohort

Begin your journey and create a personal leadership development plan using 10 proven principles and our transformational tools

Have questions? Schedule a call to sepak with a member of our team.

Woman at Work

Be your best, and become the leader
you want to be and
your organization
needs you to be

How is Life-Changing Leadership Habits Mastermind different from other leadership development programs?

Life-Changing Leadership Habits is for executive leaders and business owners who want to accelerate their growth at a rapid pace alongside fellow leaders with the support of a highly qualified and experienced strategic leadership guide, Dr. Jeff Doolittle. The focus is on developing habits that become ingrained in your daily routine, influencing your actions, decisions, and relationships over the long term. You won't find a more practical program that leverages insights from you and the latest research to elevate your leadership and empower organizational excellence.

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Build your Life-Changing Leadership Habits
plan that will

Elevate People, Profit, and Purpose

By the end of this mastermind program, you'll...

  • Have a plan to elevate your leadership and empower organizational excellence.

  • Grow your confidence in knowing exactly what to work on to get the best leadership results for your career and your organization.

  • Have a long-term plan to ensure your lasting success and significance.

Life-Changing Leadership Habits Mastermind includes...

  • 18 hours of leadership development in the curriculum  ($3,500 value)

  • 2 hours of one-to-one executive coaching with Dr. Jeff Doolittle ($600 value)
  • Access to the exclusive mastermind community ($500 value)
  • An executive 360 leadership survey and debrief ($750 value)
  • 1% better act fast resources for the 10 proven principles ($250 value)
  • Autographed copy of Life-Changing Leadership Habits ($27 value)


Two Ways to Get
Life-Changing Leadership Habits Mastermind



Value: $5,627 Save $1,433 (25.5%)

*Interested in training your team of 10 or more?
Let's talk



Value: $5,627 Save $2,832 (50.3%)

*Interested in training your team of 10 or more?
Let's talk

Love it or Leave it

The Life-Changing Leadership Habits Mastermind is a community. It's not a hostage situation. You can leave anytime at no additional cost. If you leave and you are unable to rejoin for 12 months, you are eligible for a pro-rated refund.

Let us walk you through the mastermind program.

If you're wondering if Life-Changing Leadership Habits Mastermind is...

  • Relevant to your business and situation

  • Easy to access and apply?

  • Full of new and valuable content to help you elevate your leadership and empower organizational excellence?

The answer is YES, but don't just guess. Schedule a call to walk through the program so you can see exactly what you'll get when you join.


  • Does the Life-Changing Leadership Mastermind work for any industry?
    Yes! the Life-Changing Leadership Mastermind will work for any industry, and our one-to one coaching ensures you get the help you need to apply the leadership frameworks to your specific business and industry.
  • How much does it cost?
    Life-Changing Leadership Mastermind is a one-time purchase of $2,795 or monthly of $699 for 6 months.
  • Can I go through at a different pace?
    The Life-Changing Leadership Mastermind is run as a single cohort and as such we all progress through the content at a reasonable pace together.
  • How will I interact with others in the Life-Changing Leadership Mastermind community?
    Enrolling in Life-Changing Leadership Mastermind gives you exclusive access to a VIP community. Post questions and comment on others’ posts to get real-time support from other leaders committed to building better leadership habits. The Mastermind community is designed to support you as you build your development plan and build Life-Changing Leadership Habits.
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