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Driving Change for
3,000 Children by 2030

Everyone deserves the chance to thrive.  Make a life-changing investment for a child in need by purchasing Life-Changing Leadership Habits, gear with a mission, and
child sponsorship.

1. A book with a mission: Life-Changing Leadership Habits. 

2. Gear with a Life-changing mission. 

3. Life-changing child  sponsorship. 

The Unfortunate Reality

  • 2.2 billion children are living in our world — but about half of them are living in poverty and 1 in 3 lives on less than $1 a day.

  • In developing countries, nearly 1 in 7 school-age children have never had a chance to attend school.

  • 1 of every 6 school-age children works as a child laborer; 73 million of them are under the age of 10.

And this current reality means that not every child has the chance to thrive. They don't deserve that. Organizational Talent Consulting is making a difference by donating over $10,000 and sponsoring 343 children as of 2022.


Together we can change "the reality" one child at a time.

How Child Sponsorship Works


$39/month provides vulnerable children and their communities the tools to overcome threats like poverty and hunger and create meaningful educational opportunities.

  1. In-country staff connects with local leaders and parents to determine their unique needs, then partner with them on lasting solutions. 

  2. Those in the local community nominate vulnerable children for the sponsorship program. 

  3. Each sponsorship gift is combined with other donations invested in locally tailored solutions — ensuring long-term access.