Life-Changing Leadership Habits:
10 Proven Principles That Will Elevate People, Profit, and Purpose

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Breaking Bad Habits

This breakthrough book by Jeff Doolittle equips you with the latest proven research and field-tested solutions on how to bring out your best and be the leader you want to be, and the world needs you to be.

10 Things This Book Will Teach You

Learn how to...


Break your bad leadership habits and lead with life-changing ones.


Make transformational changes that deliver proven results.


Achieve success and significance in life and work.


Overcome workplace drama and bring out the best in others.



Avoid costly mistakes leaders make when pursuing the need for speed.    

Lead with purpose and design a better future.


Cultivate engaged employees and empower organizational talent.


Be the leader the contemporary world needs.


Distinguish between leadership vices and virtues.


Integrate these ideas into your leadership and life.

...and much more.

Praise for Life-Changing Leadership Habits

"Your focus on virtues and character through the lens of breaking bad habits provides leaders needed insight for awareness and guidance for change. The scenarios in each “Life-Changing Habit” chapter let the leader see themselves in a non-threatening way which can open the door for personal change."

Diane Wiater, PhD.jpeg

Diane M. Wiater, PhD

Visiting Professor, Chair of Organizational Leadership at Mount St. Joseph University

"Jeff distills a common-sense approach to leadership development into practical application for immediate use, unlike traditional leadership books. The book has wide application for leaders at all levels, especially for those in senior leadership and executive roles."

Dr Richardson.jpeg

Dr. Virginia Richardson, BCC

Business & Healthcare Futurist | Keynote Speaker | Board Certified Business Coach | Graduate Professor

Let Me Tell You More About The Book...

Life-Changing Leadership Habits is a comprehensive field guide for creating good leadership habits, breaking bad ones, and achieving success and significance in life and work. I do not believe you will find a more practical and actionable book on breaking the most challenging bad habits that derail business executives.

Leadership bad habits are not destiny. Striving for life-changing habits is a competitive advantage available to any leader looking for a powerful point of differentiation.

Effective leadership makes a difference in the personal and professional results you achieve and the life you live. This is one of the core philosophies of Life-Changing Leadership Habits: Leaders must continually transform and adapt or fall behind. In this book, you will get timeless guidance you can use to build a career, business, and life. 

Dr. Jeff Doolittle, a strategic leadership and organization development expert on leadership habits, is known for simplifying complex topics, providing revolutionary perspectives, and coaching executive leaders to achieve their desired future. 

The ideas in this book are grounded in fields of psychology, philosophy, biology, and neuroscience. Stories on leadership vices will draw curious-minded readers into learning about remedies to develop virtuous leadership attributes.

This field guide is to the point. I recognize that modern business executives are running on a metaphorical treadmill every day at work. Time is precious and a limited resource. The topic of effective leadership does not need to be complicated and time-consuming. Some of the simplest solutions to life's most significant problems may have the greatest impact on your life.

Life-Changing Leadership Habits will reshape the way you think about leadership and give you the understanding and transformational tools needed to integrate these ideas into your leadership and life.

About the Author

Dr. Jeff Doolittle has helped business owners and executive leaders of small businesses to global Fortune 50 companies, and his work is taught in university classrooms. He is the founder of Organizational Talent Consulting, a premier executive coaching and business consulting firm for leaders and organizations interested in achieving success and significance. Jeff has helped hundreds of people on the road to recovery from life's hurts, habits, and hang-ups through a non-profit community ministry he started in his hometown. Jeff received his Doctorate in Strategic Leadership from Regent University and is a certified International Coaching Federation executive coach.

You can read his current articles in his blog Organizational Espresso

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