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Being the Leader the World Needs

Leadership programs that benefit your personal and professional goals

Leadership Development

Three ways Organizational Talent Consulting enhances the effectiveness of your team

Develop a Culture of High Performance

Develop a culture of high performance

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Attract and Retain top talent

Attract and retain top talent

Robust Leadership Pipeline

Create a robust leadership pipeline

Great leaders are great learners!

Some people think taking time to invest in learning is not worth the time, and others know that you become more effective and efficient by sharpening your edge. We all know that our cars and technology we use need updates, but we don’t always treat our knowledge, skills, and abilities the same. In today’s fast-paced and turbulent workplace, you need to continually invest in your development or risk falling behind in a competitive market. We provide a dynamic learning environment and utilize proven, custom, simple, and transformational solutions to inspire leadership transformation.

Leaders directly impact every aspect of an organization, and we believe effective leadership can be learned. A well-targeted development approach is a high leverage, high return investment. 

Clapping Audience

Emotional Intelligence

Leadership Style

Change Management

Performance Management 

Leadershi Discovey

Leadership Development Workshops

Customized solutions to develop high potential individuals and teams from 1-100 and beyond, in virtual or face-to-face interactions and in short "bite-sized" full or multi-day programs.

In a Meeting

Helping Others Make Change Work

Understand how your thoughts and beliefs influence your behaviors during change and create a personal change action plan for becoming change resilient and navigating organizational changes well. Also, you will learn to gauge how others are reacting to an organizational change and effectively engage followers in discussion to help them become change resilient. 


Leading Organizational Change

Learn specific leadership behaviors required during change, why they are critical to be applied, and how to help yourself and others. Also, learn how to use tools to plan and implement a selected change effectively. This workshop is designed for leadership teams implementing major organizational change. The workshop is packed full of tools including best practices in leading change from Kotter, employee transition from Bridges, and the ADKAR structured change approach.

Leadership DISCovery

Based on the DISC temperament instrument leaders will understand their own work style and develop a beginning understanding of how work styles affect their relationships, communication, and productivity. Leaders receive individual, comparison, team, and group culture reports (available in English or Spanish) that can transform the leader-follower relationship. 

In a Meeting

Servant Leadership

​Based on the best ideas from the leadership gurus of today, leaders learn how to apply a head, heart, and hands approach to ancient principles that reinforce selfless service. This one-year program for leadership teams includes a pre/post leadership 360, pre/post leadership style inventory, and quarterly development workshops. "The signature of the greatest executives we studied is their humility" Jim Collins


Performance Leadership

Performance Leadership Workshop

Are your leaders stumped on how to get their employees to change their behavior? Leaders learn how to use proven techniques and tools to pinpoint profitable behaviors and apply reinforcement to bring out the best in their employees. The workshop is centered around the 5 steps in the performance management process and includes proven best practices from Gilbert’s Behavioral Engineering Management model and the ABC performance model. 

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Peformnce Leadership

Leadership Development Creates Organizational Success


If you believe that training is expensive, it is because you do not know what ignorance costs.  ~Leboeuf

Leadership development is a critical activity for senior leaders and human resource development professionals. In today's volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous world if leaders are not developing they are falling behind. Leadership is proven to make a difference in the quality of life of employees and the success of a business. We intuitively know that for leaders to be successful, we need to invest in developing our skills as leaders. The more a leader learns and effectively applies the better they become, and consequently, our organizations achieve better results. 

Avoid Costly Mistakes

Modern organizations can avoid costly mistakes by investing in leadership development. Organizations that invest in developing all levels of leadership deliver stock market returns 5 times higher than those of companies with less emphasis on human capital.

Leadership development investments enhance employee engagement, reduce costs associated with employee turnover, and increase organizational capacity to manage change. No organization is looking to stay the same year over year.

Business strategy is essential but not sufficient for a business to succeed. As the world changes, people and businesses must change. Leadership strategy must be tightly aligned with the business strategy for leadership to shape the organization's culture effectively.

Leadership Devlopmnt Insights

Your Path to A Robust Leadership Pipeline


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If we do not meet your objective, we will refund your full fees. 

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