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Organizational Design Consulting

Organization redesign is a healthy activity for a maturing organization. In a recent global trend report, 92% of executives identified redesigning their organizations as a critical priority. Our experience can help you avoid pitfalls, such as focusing on “who” rather than “what,” and maximizing the many benefits such as increased profitability, performance, and committed employees. Our process involves three phases: assessment, design, and implementation.



Strategic Action Process Consulting
Leaders often self-identify that strategy is an area they need to improve. We help business leaders at all levels create fresh strategy and action plans to make your leadership team more effective and achieve your organizational goals. If this is something you’re challenged with too, let’s set up a quick call. Pricing starts at $1250 for the typical process, including the leadership team survey, analysis, debrief meeting, and recommendations to support your successful implementation.



Strategic Planning Consulting
Today’s marketplace is volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous. Many leaders feel ill-equipped to create meaningful strategic plans because they don’t feel capable of preparing for an unpredictable future. We help leaders become future smart. Then we help create insight and agility, not bureaucracy and five-year budgets. Our services include meeting and process facilitation, research and analysis, and roadmaps for organizational alignment and implementation. We also help create communication and change management strategy leaders and employees.



Meet our lead Strategic Planning Consultant that helps organizations create and execute better strategies.

Jeff Doolittle

As the founder of Organizational Talent Consulting, Jeff is a business executive with over twenty years of organizational strategy experience working with frontline to C-Suite leaders in Fortune 100, Forbes top 25 private, for-profit, non-profit, and global companies in multiple sectors. Throughout his career, he has enjoyed leading wholesale organization culture change, working with and learning from different global cultures, and opportunities to quickly impact the business.

Jeff’s knowledge and expertise include strategic planning facilitation, strategy design, driving change, and workforce strategies to achieve influence and grow organizations in the pharmaceutical, retail, and food and beverage industries.

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