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Career Coaching

For individuals in career transition or considering making a career change. Coaching improves individual career outcomes by focusing on providing direction, reflection, feedback, and accountability in the career transition process. Program lengths vary by complexity and personal goals. Pricing is $400 for a typical program, including three-coaching sessions and resources to support your successful transition.

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Emotional Intelligence Coaching

Emotional intelligence coaching is a 3-month program for high-potentials, emerging leaders, and anyone looking to become more self-aware and more effective in relationships. Coaching includes temperament and personality profiles to pinpoint where development should be focused. Individual pricing is $850 for a typical program, including nine-coaching sessions, resources, and temperament and personality profiles. 

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Leadership Coaching

This solution is a 3- to 6-month program tailored to address specific leadership business goals and needs. It can include building relationships, motivating others, or emotional intelligence skills. Coaching consists of a leadership 360 that can be repeated at no cost after one year to measure growth and course-correct as needed. Individual pricing is $1200 for a typical program including nine-coaching sessions, pre-post leadership 360 assessment, and feedback, as well as, a leadership style inventory.

Virtual Coaching


is a technology-facilitated partnership between a coach and client to maximize the clients' personal and professional potential. 

The Added Benefits of Virtual Coaching

Virtual coaching offers added convenience, service, and support benefits over traditional face-to-face coaching:

  • Accessibility is likely one of the most significant benefits associated with virtual coaching, especially during a pandemic. Technology enables the coach and client to connect, whether in different places within the same building or worldwide.

  • Availability improves, enabling the coach to be brought into just-in-time and rapid response needs or unique situations like cross-cultural needs. Virtual coaching allows the coach to increase the number of clients they can support at one time. Also, both the coach and client benefit from the flexibility and administrative ease in scheduling.

  • Affordability improves through reduced travel and associated time out of the office costs.

  • Access to resources improves through digital access to tools supporting goal setting, coaching preparation, and progress tracking.

  • The coaching relationship's evaluation improves through the ease of tracking commitments, satisfaction, strengths, opportunities, and trends both on an individual client level and at an aggregate organizational level.

Is Virtual Coaching Right for You?


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Executive Coaching

The most individual impact solution is a 6- to 12-month program for senior leaders. Individuals are assessed with a custom battery of instruments to guide the coaching. Coaching is aligned to business growth and typically involves a three-way relationship between the coach, HR leader, and the individual’s manager. Individual pricing is $2500 for twelve-coaching sessions, a battery of assessments, and resources to support the goals of the leader. The assessment battery includes the following10 assessments: Temperament, Personality, Interpersonal & Group Effectiveness, Personality Influence and Development, Stress Source Profile, Leadership & Situational Effectiveness, Conflict Approach, Leadership and Influence Style, Decision Style, and Management Philosophy.

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