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Helping Others Make Change Work

Being a change agent

Thoughts and beliefs influence behaviors and actions. Learn how to gauge change reactions and the steps to effectively help yourself and others become change-resilient.


More than a few things have recently changed, and one thing that experts can agree on is that the world and workplace will remain turbulent in the future. We all will likely need to make some changes soon. Being able to make change work and help others is one of those leadership skills that are more important now than ever.

This workshop builds leadership skills and awareness of the challenges and rewards for helping others become change-resilient. During this workshop, leaders learn a proven cognitive and behavioral change framework that can be applied to any change to help others make productive choices.

Who should attend?

  • Leaders and managers curious about how to close the gap between company strategies and employee commitment.

  • Leaders and managers who are skeptical of their personal or leadership team's ability to think, act, and influence strategy development and execution.

Why you want to learn it?

Every business is vulnerable to threats. But too few businesses and leaders stop to consider the possibility of becoming irrelevant. Harnessing the potential of company growth takes well-equipped leaders. 

"If you believe that training is expensive, it is because you do not know what ignorance costs." Leboeuf

Well-equipped leadership makes a difference. Here is how:


  • Team Performance: Several research studies have investigated the connection between the leader and business performance. Studies have demonstrated that effective leadership improves follower performance and promotes higher business results, follower job satisfaction, and follower organizational commitment.

  • Innovation and Creativity: Evidence suggests that leadership is essential for driving innovation in a company. A study involving over 400 executives from 48 companies connected strategy and innovation performance directly with good leadership habits.

  • Trust and Change: Studies have demonstrated that the level of trust in leadership directly correlates to employee retention, organizational commitment, and support for organizational change. Furthermore, when executives build trust, evidence suggests that organizational change readiness increases.

  • Internal Communication & Relationships: Words shape worlds. Studies have revealed that influential leaders enhance two-way communication, creativity, collaboration, job attitudes, and organizational commitment.

  • Leadership Transitions: Leadership transitions, whether successful or not, are costly. Evidence suggests that, on average, 35% of internally promoted executives fail, and direct reports spend 10-20% of their time helping a new leader transition. Successful leadership transitions increase company revenue, have 13% lower attrition rates, and are 90% more likely to achieve long-term performance goals. Leadership development is a leadership transition acceleration tool.

Want to personalize or bring Helping Others Make Change Work training to your business?


US $275

Date & Time (EDT)

Sorry, there are no upcoming dates scheduled for this location at this time. Please contact us to ask about upcoming dates! 


Railside Golf Club - Alder Room

2500 76th St. SW
Byron Center, MI 49315



Terms and Conditiions

Here is our cancellation and refund policy.

More Details

Lunch is included in the registration price.

Questions? Interested in training your team of 10 or more? Fill out our contact form to get started.


At the completion of this workshop, participants will be able to:

  1. Recognize how others are reacting to change and adapt coaching accordingly

  2. Help those resistant to change overcome negative feelings and reframe unproductive thoughts and actions

  3. Help those receptive to change but unable to move forward try new behaviors

  4. Help those instinctive to change discover the impact they have on others

  5. Recognize when others need to explore alternatives and make productive, positive choices.

How it will help you

Benjamin Franklin suggested that the only certainty in life is death and taxes. We would add change. And as the world changes, leaders and businesses must change too.

Too often, organizational change management is simply a series of communications where executives or project managers inform the business that change is coming. Leading during change is more than communicating the features, advantages, and benefits of change.

Adopting an organizational change framework helps you and others manage the people side of change and create organizational inertia.

Culture is one thing that influences everything in your organization. An organization's culture is composed of norms of behavior and shared values. Employees and leaders do not reinforce behaviors they do not value. A leader alone can create the organizational inertia needed to change without followers, not even the CEO.

  • Does the Life-Changing Leadership Mastermind work for any industry?
    Yes! the Life-Changing Leadership Mastermind will work for any industry, and our one-to one coaching ensures you get the help you need to apply the leadership frameworks to your specific business and industry.
  • How much does it cost?
    Life-Changing Leadership Mastermind is a one-time purchase of $2,795 or monthly of $699 for 6 months.
  • Can I go through at a different pace?
    The Life-Changing Leadership Mastermind is run as a single cohort and as such we all progress through the content at a reasonable pace together.
  • How will I interact with others in the Life-Changing Leadership Mastermind community?
    Enrolling in Life-Changing Leadership Mastermind gives you exclusive access to a VIP community. Post questions and comment on others’ posts to get real-time support from other leaders committed to building better leadership habits. The Mastermind community is designed to support you as you build your development plan and build Life-Changing Leadership Habits.


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