• Jeff Doolittle

Executive Leadership: Are You Delegating Effectively?

Caught between the pressure of urgent and important work demands, delegating is often one leadership approach to get cut. Yet one of the top five reasons high potential employees leave their current employer is for an exciting career development opportunity. What if effectively delegating is the very thing executive leaders need to master now more than ever to win in the marketplace?

Effective executive leadership involves effective delegation. Executive leaders that maximize their purpose approach delegating with intention and a win-win mindset. Carefully considering the task, situation, employee capacity and capability, communication, and leadership support are essential to delegating, so that sticks.

What Delegation Is and Is Not

One of the more complex and essential things for a leader to do is go from doing to leading. Giving up authority and responsibility can seem counterintuitive to leadership.

Effectively delegating increases work-related discretion and the authority for an employee to make decisions without consulting with you for pre-approval.

Effective delegation is a dynamic two-way process that involves the transfer of responsibility and authority from the leader to a willing delegate.

Effective delegation is not assigning a task or decision to an unwilling employee. Giving a direct report the responsibility without the authority does not work. Not having the authority to act results in wasted time and frustration for both you and the employee.