• Jeff Doolittle

Human Resource Development Consulting: A Pathway to Growth

Before the global pandemic's disruption, adapting to the reality of economic uncertainty and ambiguity was already a part of the new normal for leaders. Today, amidst what is described as "exceptional uncertainty" by the International Monetary Fund, the global economy is projected to grow by 5.5% in 2021. A recent survey of over 5000 CEOs worldwide found that 75% project the economy will improve, and their organizations will continue on the pathway to growth over the next three years. As leaders strive to find new ways to grow and remain competitive in a turbulent digital marketplace, they face threats in every aspect of their business. Professional Human Resource Development (HRD) consulting services can offer a pathway to growth during uncertainty for leaders in large organizations and small businesses.

Why Hire a Professional Consultant?

The heart of consulting is integrity, trust, and ethics. Professional consultants help organizations take measured risks and create value by providing support and advice based on experiences, education, and specific qualifications. They bring clarity and simplicity to inherently ambiguous and complex challenges. Additionally, they identify the root causes of achieving the client's growth goals, introducing proven strategies and processes implemented in a partnership.

Typical Pain Points on the Pathway to Growth

Although growth-oriented pain points are often considered good problems to have, if individuals and organizations are not growing, they are falling behind. The following are five common pain points leaders face with growth:

  1. A lack of "ready now" talent and identified successors for critical roles

  2. Low employee morale or engagement

  3. Confusion at all levels in the organization

  4. Change resistance or an inability to respond to a fast-changing business environment

  5. Lack of personal or organizational development

What is the role of a Human Resources Development Consultant?

Unfortunately, the word consultant brings up mixed emotions around what they do, as evidenced by this UPS commercial:

In reality, as projects and client's needs vary, so does the role of the Human Resources Development consultant. As the video comically emphasized, it is important to become clear on what role is needed before hiring a consultant. Often the role of the consultant is a blend of the following: